A home air conditioning system is a great way to keep you and your family comfortable and healthy throughout the hot summer months. Preventative maintenance is part of ensuring that your AC system not only operates efficiently but lasts long. There are many great reasons to consider investing in professional air conditioner maintenance services for your system.

Extends the Life Span of Your System

One of the biggest advantages you can gain from regular maintenance for your HVAC system is that it helps extend its overall life span. With proper care, each internal component in your air conditioning system will be able to last longer. This means that you’ll get more out of your investment, and your overhead costs will be reduced.

Alerts You of Any Issues

When an HVAC professional comes into your home to perform maintenance on your cooling system, they will start by looking over all of the system’s components. Any issues like corrosion on electrical wiring or worn-out fan blades will be discovered before they break and cause a massive failure. This will give you time to have these items fixed by your HVAC professional and avoid having a system breakdown in the middle of the unpleasant, hot summer months.

Ensures Peak Operating Efficiency

Another great reason to strongly consider investing in yearly preventative maintenance for your HVAC system is to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. You want your air conditioning system to work as optimally as possible because that translates to lower bills for your energy usage. The difference between energy bills for an efficiently working HVAC system and an inefficient one can be thousands of dollars over a year. You’re essentially putting money back into your wallet.

Reduces Your Risk of a Breakdown

When you bring a technician in to fully look over your system and perform maintenance, you can rest assured that your risk of an unexpected breakdown is slim. Any foreseeable problem, such as a worn-out fan belt, will be brought to your attention and addressed when your technician is performing maintenance. This goes a long way in giving you peace of mind about your HVAC system when the extreme temperatures set in.

Keeps Your Warranty Active

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that their HVAC system warranty is dependent on if they get annual system maintenance. Air conditioning system manufacturers know that to ensure the longevity of their systems, they need to be adequately maintained. Therefore, they simply require proof of annual maintenance before they will warranty any repair work that is done on your system in the future. If you lapse on professional maintenance, even just for one year, you can find your warranty voided. That’ll leave you stuck paying out of pocket for future repair bills.

Helps You Know How Much Longer Your System Will Last

One benefit that doesn’t top the minds of most is that having a professional come out to evaluate your system and perform maintenance will allow you to discover how much longer your system will last. While there is always an estimated life span for every HVAC system provided by its manufacturer, life spans highly vary depending on many different environmental and usage factors.

From how often you get maintenance to how often you change your air filter, all play a role in determining the overall life span of your system. An HVAC professional is trained to evaluate the state of your existing air conditioning system and give you an estimated life span. This will allow you to properly organize your budget so that you can financially prepare for an AC replacement instead of being blindsided when it stops working in the middle of summer.

Allows You to Become a Priority for Local Contractors

Another great benefit of getting maintenance performed on your system each year by the same HVAC professional is that they will see you as a priority client. Many will offer discounts and faster response times to customers who use them for yearly maintenance. This could not only save you some money in the future, but it could also help reduce your time without a functioning air conditioning system if yours decides to fail this summer.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

While it may not be at the top of your mind, the air inside your home can have a big impact on your health and how you feel. Poor indoor air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even more serious respiratory conditions. Fortunately, yearly preventative maintenance is a great way to boost your indoor air quality. Your technician will not only clean the internal components of your HVAC system, but they will change its air filter, too. This means fewer harmful airborne particles will be present in the air that your family breathes each day.

Keeps Your Family Safe

One great benefit of HVAC maintenance that you may not know about is your safety. Having a technician come in, clean, and look over your AC system will help reduce the risk of harmful refrigerant leaks. A professional will have an experienced eye that will be able to identify any potential hazards before they become life-threatening issues for you and your family. This goes a long way in creating peace of mind about the safety of you and your family throughout the summer months.

Helps the Environment

Many older AC systems and heat pumps have refrigerants that have since been deemed to be harmful to the environment. Any leaks in your system could potentially let this harmful refrigerant into the environment. When you have preventative maintenance performed on your system, your HVAC professional can identify any prospective leaks while they’re small and easy to handle.

Additionally, when your system is serviced, it’s operating at peak efficiency. This means that your family will be using less energy and, therefore, reducing your overall carbon footprint. Think of regular AC preventive maintenance as your way of doing your part to create a healthier world for the next generations.

Potentially Reduces System Operating Noise

While it’s true that all heating and cooling systems do make noise when they turn on, some are much louder than others. Unfortunately, many homeowners get used to sounds that may increase slowly over time. An HVAC professional can easily identify when your air conditioning system is operating too loudly and quickly determine just why.

For example, your fan belt may be nearing the end of its life span and making a squealing noise. This issue can be easily addressed by your HVAC technician, and you can end up enjoying quieter system operation while you’re relaxing at home.

Get Expert AC Service

Comfort Bros Heating, Air & Plumbing offers expert AC service for the entire San Diego and surrounding area. We can also assist with all of your heating, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality needs. Simply contact our office today to schedule your next preventive AC maintenance service with one of our highly skilled HVAC technicians.

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