There are many reasons why homeowners might consider a Mini-Split AC in El Cajon, CA. In some cases, they already have a ducted AC, but they added a room to their home and want to avoid the hassle of installing new ducts. Others own a historic home, where only a ductless AC installation would preserve the structural integrity.

Still others are in the process of building a brand new home, and the benefits of a mini-split are attractive to them. We encourage you to consider Comfort Bros Heating, Air & Plumbing as your best choice in El Cajon, CA. Cooling Services.

As a Ductless AC Service Provider, we want you to know how these systems work. Ductless ACs, or mini-splits, are heat pumps without the ductwork. They cool a home by absorbing the heat from inside it and releasing it outside via the compressor unit. The chemical that courses between the compressor and the indoor air handler unit is refrigerant. These systems are easy to install, energy-efficient, and durable, as we’ll explain below.

Ductless AC Installation and Maintenance

Let’s say you want a mini-split to cool a sunroom or an outbuilding like a garage or shed. First, find a place on the wall to mount the air handler. Then, decide on an outside location for the compressor. The refrigerant line can stretch for as far as 50 feet, allowing you to choose an inconspicuous place.

Our HVAC Team will help you complete the paperwork to make application for Air Source Heat Pumps Tax Credits. If your system meets the criteria, you’ll get 30% of project cost up to $2,000 as a Federal Tax Credit.

The line needs only a three-inch hole in your wall to pass through. One air handler can cool one room, but a compressor can hook up eight air handlers, making it possible to cool the whole house.

These are the advantages to owning a mini-split:
  • A life span of 30 years if well-maintained
  • Features like multi-directional airflow
  • A thermostat for each air handler
  • Minimal energy waste and a lower monthly bill