We all know that the lifeline for most living creatures is the heart. But have you ever thought about the lifeline of the home? Just like the heart pumps blood to keep the human body alive and well, so does the water heat pump the needed warmth throughout the house. When the water heater begins to malfunction, the entire household will feel the effects much like the human body with a malfunctioning heart. 

    You can put your full trust in Comfort Bros, the water heater service experts, to perform all repairs and installations and restore the function of your home quickly and efficiently. 

    Water Heater Solutions You Can Trust!

    Our expert plumbers have been around for decades and there’s nobody better to service the lifeline of your home. We offer the highest level of service to all our customers and pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, honesty, and excellence. Whether you need a minor repair or a full water heater replacement, we are ready to meet your needs. 

    • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
    • Prompt & professional response time to all service inquiries
    • Licensed & skilled water heater contractors
    • Courteous and professional customer service
    • Excellent workmanship for all services

    We Service Every Type of Water Heater

    No matter the type of water heater you have in your home, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the service and assistance you need. 

    • Tankless water heaters
    • Gas water heater
    • Storage water heater 
    • Electric water heaters

    Water Heater Repair Near Me

    As we already mentioned before, the water heater is the home’s lifeline and when it stops working, the rest of the home will quickly come into disarray. After all, hot water is essential for many things in the home. If you are having challenges with your water heater, contact us and we’ll send over one of the professionals who will quickly fix the issue. 

    Water Heater Repair Services We Offer

    • Tank Leaks 
    • Thermostat Repair & Replacement
    • Heating Element Replacement
    • Pilot Light & Ignition System Repair
    • Pressure Relief Valve Repair
    • Sediment Flush
    • Anode Rod Replacement 
    • Tank Insulation Repair
    • Gas Line Repair 
    • Repairs for Electrical Components (tripped circuit breaker, etc.)
    • Valve Repair & Replacement 
    • Temperature & Pressure Relief Repair
    • Expansion Tank Repair 
    • Many more!

    Do not delay these repairs and schedule your service with us today! We guarantee a job well done each time. 

    Water Heater Installation 

    Water heaters are certainly an investment in the home and when they are installed, the work must be carried out by the best expert in town. We are skilled in the area of water heater installation and will provide a seamless experience throughout the entire project. We will help you find the perfect water heater out of all the models available and provide a lasting installation. 

    Water Heater Brands We Install

    • Rheem 
    • AO Smith
    • Bradford White
    • Navien
    • Bosch
    • Noritz
    • Kenmore
    • American Standard 
    • State Water Heaters
    • Whirlpool
    • Many others! 

    We are in the business of providing quality and excellence with every water heater we repair or install. Schedule your free estimate today and take advantage of our superior service. 

    Water Heater Maintenance in El Cajon, CA

    The key to a lasting and optimally performing water heater is routine maintenance. Our routine maintenance services will help you keep repair costs down and extend the lifespan of your water heater. You can rely on us to ensure that your water heater performs at peak performance for as long as possible. Schedule your maintenance service today by calling us today. 

    Call Comfort Bros Today! 

    Take care of your home’s lifeline today by entrusting it with the most capable, expert care in the region. Our plumbers will always deliver an excellent job you can rely on. 

    Contact Comfort Bros today to schedule your service and to learn about the special offers we have available.