Getting a mini split AC in Santee, CA could be a good idea. If you own a central AC but just recently added a room to your home, a mini-split can cool that space without the hassle of installing extra ductwork. You can the trust the HVAC professionals at Comfort Bros Heating, Air & Plumbing to install your mini-splits with precision and utmost care for your property.

These systems are ideal for outbuildings like garages and tool sheds. Lastly, they can provide the equivalent of whole-house cooling. With one compressor, you can install up to eight air handlers, which means comfortable temperatures for eight rooms. A ductless AC installation is the way to go for the owners of older homes that lack ductwork.

Santee Mini Split AC Basics

Being ductless, a mini-split is fairly easy to install. There are three components to worry about: the outdoor compressor, the indoor air handler, and the piping that circulates refrigerant between the two. The air handler can hang on your wall or from the ceiling, while the compressor can likely go in an out-of-the-way location. You can separate the two by as much as 50 feet. The piping enters your home through a hole in the wall only three inches in diameter.

Moving forward, you may need the occasional ductless AC service because parts can eventually wear out. Dirt and debris can collect in the compressor and cause overheating. However, with regular maintenance, the repairs won’t be major.

Here’s what to love about mini-splits:
  • Up to 30 years of performance with proper maintenance
  • Less energy waste and greater efficiency
  • Directional airflow and quiet operation
  • Multi-zone cooling thanks to multiple thermostats