Compared to traditional central air conditioning, there are many benefits to getting a Mini-Split AC in Ramona, CA. A ductless AC installation doesn’t take so much time, and you have a lot of flexibility. Once you have the system, you can enjoy energy-efficient performance for decades. You’ll get individual temperature controls for every room you install an indoor air-handling unit. A Ductless Mini-Split provides dual comfort features of both cooling and heating!

Ductless systems cool a room rather than a whole house, but they can do so for up to 30 years with the proper maintenance. They also waste less energy. The reason is that they don’t lose any air like central ACs do through their ductwork and vents. Besides that, you can create multiple temperature zones if you install multiple air handlers. Each air handler has its own thermostat. This is great when your family members differ regarding a comfortable temperature.

Ductless AC Installation in Ramona

The air handler, compressor, and refrigerant line comprise a mini-split system. Air handlers are sleek in style and compact in their design, allowing them to blend in with any interior. From there, you would need a three-inch hole in the wall to let the refrigerant line in. This will stretch to the compressor outside, which can lie 50 feet away. Compressors are bulky, but you have 50 feet to place them far away without noticing them.

Here’s what to expect with a new mini-split:
  • Quiet operation at all times
  • Variable-speed operation as an option
  • The ability to change the direction of airflow
  • Wireless temperature control

Mini-splits are ideal for outbuildings and room additions. However, don’t write off mini-splits if you’re looking to cool an entire home. Many people building new homes will go ductless for the sake of efficiency and more personalized comfort. Others choose ductless when they own a home of some historical value and can’t compromise its integrity with a ventilation system. You can hook up eight air handlers to one compressor.

As efficient and durable as these systems are, you might still need the occasional ductless AC service. Parts will wear out, and the environment can especially hinder the operation of the outdoor compressor. This is why it’s also important to schedule yearly maintenance. An expert could clean the compressor, check for leaks, change the filter, and do much else.

Comprehensive Mini-Split AC Services

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