Comfort Bros Heating, Air & Plumbing delivers quality services for heat pumps in Lakeside, CA. A heat pump keeps indoor air comfortable by transferring heat in and out of the home. This simple, effective product allows you to make specific rooms livable when traditional heating and cooling systems don’t.

They are easy to operate and don’t require the cost of additional ductwork to run correctly. Our team offers heat pump installation services for all types and sizes of residential properties.

Installing Heat Pumps in Lakeside

The first decision you must make regarding a heat pump is the type of product you want. Heat pumps can heat or cool because the pump moves hot air in and out of the home. You’ll flip a switch to redirect the hot air flow when necessary.

Units work according to a set amount of square footage and are ideal for enclosed spaces. Use them to cool bedrooms, home offices, dens, and workshops. They’re perfect for new room additions and rooms that get too much or not enough sun.

Working with an experienced heating team ensures you’ll make the best choice when selecting a heat pump. Your project estimator can provide you with appropriate product options for each room. Your unit will be mounted to the wall or ceiling and connected directly to an outside condenser using a conduit.

The conduit holds the wiring and tubing necessary for the unit’s operation. Each indoor product comes with its remote control device for easy operation. Multiple ductless systems can connect to a single condenser. Ask about operating numerous units from a central location for better efficiency.

How does using a heat pump support your indoor comfort and home improvement budget?
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Lengthy equipment lifespan
  • Remote use
  • Runs quietly
  • Year-round use possible

Don’t worry about getting a heat pump repaired. We can provide skilled technicians to handle any repairs or additional services. Plus, we offer installation financing on approved credit to simplify upgrading.